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Remote-Work, That’s How you Kill the 9-5

Yes, yes, this. All of this. On the front page of Digg this morning (yes, I know, who reads Digg, but stay with me) was a link to Rebecca Greenfield’s latest piece on Bloomberg titled “It’s Time to Kill the 9-5.” I know I’ve been saying this forever (remote-work anyone?) and if you’re ever around […]

Self Motivation and a 30 Day Challenge

Change. It’s not always the easiest concept to internalize, and stick to. Every year the collective society rambles off dozens of New Year resolutions that are forgotten as soon as the New Year’s Day hangover sets in. By February they’re a mere afterthought and by this time of year, there’s a good to fair chance […]

5 Must Read Books for Remote Work

Come on… you know the dream of every work environment is the remote work opportunity. With the advent of the Internet and constant communication, it really doesn’t matter where you are working to get work done. The time honored tradition of showing up to the office at 9am and punching out at 5pm is slowly […]

Stress and Being Busy in the Millennial Job Market

I grew up in a wired world. Not quite as connected as we are today, but certainly connected. As part of the cusp of the Millennial generation, born in 1982, my brother and I were treated to the on ramp of the Information Superhighway. Dialing into Prodigy at school on a 1,280 bps modem and […]

Have Chromebook – Will Travel

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of remote work. Hiring talent where talents available, being a manager of one and working when you feel you’re most productive. Basically everything you could find at 37 Signals (www.basecamp.com). Chromebook hardware has fundamentally changed how I think about workplace travel. It’s the little piece of […]