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Hi. I’m James, a freelance writer, and itinerant philosopher hailing from San Diego, California. On this blog, I share my thoughts and observations on the rapidly changing economic reality, the disappearing middle class, and the story of Millennials doing their best to navigate these tumultuous waters.

Join me on a journey of self care and personal growthSee, for a long time the advice was, get good grades in high school, expand your extra circular activities, go to college, get a degree (and sometimes “any” degree). Then go out into the workforce to secure a job that will morph over time into a career. Buy two cars and have 3 kids. This was all well and good, but the advice no longer applies.

Here’s the bottom line: the entire economic landscape is shifting violently in less than two generations. Titans of finance destroyed the economy. Artificial intelligence (AI), and automation are siphoning entry level jobs. People are content checking themselves out at the grocery store; the cashier is going the way of the gas station attendant. To maximize shareholder returns (the stated priority of any CEO of a public company) the loyalty that once existed between employee and employer that resulted in a pension and a gold watch is gone. The business’s economic bottom line drives the tenor of the relationship. Not only that, but the office has become an interruption factory where getting anything meaningful done has to be done outside the office. The caustic stress caused by the expectation of “always on,” is bathing our minds and bodies in acidic hormones.

The cost of university tuition has skyrocketed in the past 20 years. Students are saddled with so much non-dischargable debt right out of college that finding high paying work isn’t just a desire, it’s a necessity.

Millennials entering the workforce are competing with not only AI, but their aging boomer parents as well. Boomers, by in large, spent what was in their pocket. So the landscape has shifted. The middle class has been eroded to the point of irrelevance. All of this causes stress, anxiety, and depression. The sympathetic fight or flight system is always switched on. Mental health conditions seem to be becoming far more widespread and common.

We are then, left to our own devices. We are left alone to chart a life’s course through panic inducing conditions.

If you resonate with that message, then this is the place for you. Together, we will navigate the economic storm and keep a sharp eye not to end up running aground. The first step in solving any identified problem is to help yourself first. And that’s exactly what, together, we will do.

About Me

I grew up in a suburb of San Diego called Lakeside. Today I live with my wife and giant beagle (#LibbyDog) in South Park. In the past, I have written for several lifestyle and self-care publications.

I have been a real estate agent and investor, as well as managing risk for a small investment fund during the housing meltdown circa 2008. Currently, I am consulting for Upcycle and Company, LLC who make a sustainably sourced all natural fertilizer; to reduce carbon footprint and grow food, not lawns.

I attended San Diego State University and have a BA in Philosophy.

If you haven’t already, connect with me on Facebook or Twitter (@jamesjgriffin).

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