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Self Motivation and a 30 Day Challenge

Change. It’s not always the easiest concept to internalize, and stick to. Every year the collective society rambles off dozens of New Year resolutions that are forgotten as soon as the New Year’s Day hangover sets in. By February they’re a mere afterthought and by this time of year, there’s a good to fair chance that absolutely nothing has changed as we’ve lumbered our way halfway around the Sun again.

Two things conspired this weekend to get me back on track. An email asking me to do a mid-year check in to see where I was at with my goals for 2016. The second, I received this email while sitting in the C terminal, waiting on standby to go home to San Diego from Las Vegas.

I was in town for the weekend to celebrate a dear friend’s bachelor party. Being that it was his second marriage, it became apparent pretty damned quickly that Las Vegas isn’t the same in your mid 30s as it is in your early 20s. The body simply cannot spring back as quickly as it once did. In order to have any semblance of fitness in one’s 30s takes quite a bit of deliberate effort that doesn’t always come naturally.

In short, sitting by the pool, looking at those foolish enough to venture to Las Vegas deep into a sweltering summer in the hottest year on record, I realized how horrendously out of shape I’ve become.

Sedentary work life will do that to just about anyone. Sure, there are stand up desks, lunchtime walks, treadmills and stationary bikes to keep all this lethargy at bay, but in reality, I’m more or less starting from zero. And that’s really on me.

Pursuing remote work this year has meant a lot of time in that sitting position. My core strength has atrophied to such an extent that basic yard maintenance or sailing has become a legitimately difficult work out.

The Challenge

But, hell, it’s a new month. I started a 100 day challenge for work this August 1, 2016, so I’m adding a little fitness component as well. For the next 30 days I’m going to be following the plank challenge as outlined by Jenna Dedic over at Refinery 29.com.

Recommended Plank Schedule

Recommended Plank Schedule

Seems straightforward enough for a beginner like me. Self discipline and self-motivation are absolutely critical skillsets to carry with you when pursuing the remote work lifestyle. To be successful the remote worker has to be a manager of one, to push themselves through the unpleasant or unattractive work. For me that means pushing myself through my abysmal fitness level to something positive on the other side of 30 days.

Feel free to join me. We can lament this idea later on twitter. (@jamesjgriffin).

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